How To Reuse Custom Fusion Effects From Resolve Edit

VFX Study shows how you can reuse and control custom Fusion effects from the Resolve Edit page.

Black Magic Design has created a new Fusion and Resolve feature to help users create node-based VFX without having leave the color correcting powerhouse toolset. For example, you can reuse custom effects right from your edit page in Resolve with Bernd Klimm’s latest tutorial!

Klimm shows how to enhance a text element in Fusion and add fusion controls so you can create customized designs for all your projects. The tutorial teaches the viewer about power bins, which allow them reuse these effects across different editing pages with ease.

If you are looking to make your designs stand out from the rest, then Fusion may be perfect for what you need. The newest version of this software allows designers and developers alike ways in which they can expand their creativity with ease! It also comes at an affordable price-point that will fit any budget or skill level; it’s never too late (or early) when using black magic right? Check out all these features: