How To Rig A Car In Blender Without Using Add-ons

Christoph Werner runs through how to rig a car in Blender from scratch.

Creating a car rig in Blender is not as difficult or time consuming as many would think. Christoph Werner has created this new tutorial that teaches you how to do so with ease and precision!

Christoph shows how you can rig a car in Blender, which lets the driver control its path. You’ll be able to define their driving direction and speed of movement for this vehicle by using an easy-to follow interface on screen while also making sure it responds accordingly with all wheels rotating properly according to revolution required when moving forward or backward at any given time just like Christoph demonstrated during his talk—even if it goes against what’s happening naturally!

The car driver in the rig also behaves realistically and moves their arms according to what direction they’re currently steering.

This means that one value can control the whole animation.

About Christoph Werner.

Christoph Werner is a freelance Art Director and CG Artist located in Germany. Along with his successful career as an independent artist, he also makes tutorials for 3D software like Blender that are available on Youtube under the username “CGWerner3d.” He was one of three tutors chosen by Autodesk to teach students using their professional product-based schooling system called 3 D Coat which has helped him become extremely fluent at teaching others how they can use these programs too!