How To Rig A Tank In Maya

Vehicles are complicated. They have to be able move, but also transform from an upright position with wheels on the ground into something that can drive over backwards without falling over too- which might not sound very easy at first glance! But don’t worry– Simon Mills has got this covered in his multipart tutorial and you’ll see how it’s done right now:

The video starts off by showing us what we need for our rig: Wheels/tires (whatever type), treads if possible since those give more movement options; A turret or some other launcher weapon mount so I’ll show both as well as where they go later.

Simon is a Senior 3D Technical Artist and Animator who knows quite a lot about tanks. His latest project, the fully automated tank with realistic treads that can move accurately in any direction as well as recoil when firing automatic weapons or even ejecting casings for those who like messy gun fights was just released on TurboSquid!

In this 4-part series, you will learn how to rig a tank in Maya from scratch. You can download the model used for these tutorials so that it’s easy for beginners like yourself follow along with no trouble!