How To Rig Characters With Advanced Skeleton In Maya

David Mattock walks through working with the free Advanced Skeleton tool in Maya to rig characters easily.

In this new tutorial series from David Mattock, he shows us how we can rig characters in Autodesk Maya using the auto-rigging tool. The Advanced Skeleton has unlimited body configurations and it’s a modular system that offers an easy way to create rigs with no limits on what kind of animations you want your character acting out!

Rigging for Non-Riggers.

“I’m writing a series of five articles that show how Character rigging works in Advanced Skeleton and describes some useful tools for animators. The auto-rigging tool is free (for non-commercial use) software offered by myself, which has been used professionally at my studio since it came out several years ago.”

Mattock’s series will show you how to create a rigging character with full body and facial animation.
• Installing the tool is just one part of this process, but it’s an essential one! The rest can be done in many different ways depending on your style preferences or needs for what type project that might entail (rigged vs raw). After installing if there are any questions about using these new tools feel free get in touch by contacting us via our website contact form located at mocowpvrusaaczsbexbnnuvuo.