How To Route Edges In Cinema 4D To Get Good Topology

Shane Benson Shows Some Methods for Getting Quad Topology With Sub-D Modeling in C4D.

Getting a clean quad topology in your model is no easy task. With so many ways to get around it, and each new project presenting its own unique challenges – what’s the best way? In this instalment from long-running series SubD modeling guide by Cinema 4D guru Shane Benson helps you understand some methods for routing edges that will help ensure neat quads every time!

Modeling complex objects is not about the tools you use, but finding clever ways to route edges. Benson shows a few different approaches that can be taken when modeling complicated shapes with everyday situations and simple steps needed in order for everything meet at their goal simultaneously.

The best way I have found so far wouldn’t necessarily involve using any new or fancy software–instead what’s most important are good thinking skills which will lead us towards making better decisions while editing our models if necessary. There are no specific tips on how one should go through all stages from designing an object up until final output due only because every situation varies depending upon several factors such as purpose behind creating said item(s), desired complexity level.