How To Set Aces Renders In After Effects, Nuke And Photoshop

Johnny Fehr shows how your 3D ACES renders can look the same in After Effects and Nuke as they did where you made them.

ACES is a new-ish workflow for artists, but applications like Adobe After Effects are pretty slow (being conservative) on the uptake even when it comes to industry standard processes. You can see just how simple ACES works by comparison with other programs that may be used in your art creation process such as C4D, Maya Fusion Nuke etcetera.

In 2019 there’s been an increase of interest from professionals interested or working within digital media production because they want greater control over their work flow while still being able produce content quickly without sacrificing quality . This has led many companies who deal primarily with film/television scoring and post-production , including Disney.

If you’re not seeing the same results for your renders in applications like After Effects, Nuke or Photoshop try this new tutorial from Johnny Fechr.

David Fehr, a professional 3D modeler with experience in ACES shows us how to get started. He demonstrates on the example of his own company logo – an animated render that can be exported for use in Nuke or any other compositing app available on today’s market place!