How To Set Up A Shadow Catcher With Redshift

RedShift is a flexible GPU rendering engine with production renderer capabilities. This means that it has tools for any pipeline, regardless if you are creating render passes or custom ones – Redshift has your back!

RedShift includes a unique shader for catching shadows, too. The rsMatteShadow shaders are set just to catch that specific kind of light – it seems straightforward but there are some little things you need understand about the process!

If you’re shooting in a well-lit scene, consider using a shadow catcher to catch and diffuse the light with shadows. You can place it anywhere around your subject or even on its own stand so that it will be easy for viewers when watching videos later down the line!

Redshift is a powerful plugin that can help you create stunning shadows. In this Red Shift tutorial, Small Robot Studio gives us an overview on what we need for our render and how to make sure it stays in perspective!