How To Set Up And Animate A Graph In After Effects

Nick Greenawalt shows some techniques for making animated graphs in After Effects.

Motion design for a living? You bet. Even if you don’t motion graphic professionally, graphs and charts never go out of style. Check this informative video by Nick Greenawalt (Motion ByNick), which shows how to set up and animate an easy-to-use graph in After Effects using just some scripts from Adobe!

The tutorial uses Create Nulls From Paths, but most work is done with default tools found inside any creative software like Photoshop or Illustrator – not bad when we’re talking about such powerful programs that come free with every computer system nowadays.

About Nick Greenawalt.

Nick Greenawalt is a Philadelphia-based motion designer who creates tutorials, videos and fresh content on youtube. He also works for experience strategy and design agency called Bluecadet by day!