How To Stamp-on Logos Using Substance Painter And Photoshop

Travis Davids shows how you can stamp-on Logos or decals using his Substance Painter and Adobe Photoshop.

Substance Painter is a powerful and intuitive tool for 3D artists looking to create tangible assets like model vehicles or even functional objects. But what if you want something other than the default rosettes, cars etc.? If this sounds like your need we’ve got just the tutorial! Watch as Travis Davids shows off how he’s able stamp-on logos onto any element in his latest video which can then be used within Photoshop:

Davids tutorials are designed for the absolute beginner and offer a basic understanding of Painter. If you’ve already prepared your UVs or object, Davids has some premium packs available like 56 fabric materials that includes substance materials at an affordable price!