How To Stick Textures On To Simulated Objects In Houdini

Mikael Pettersen Shows How to Stick Textures Across Many Objects in a Simulation With Side FX Houdini

Houdini is a tool that can be used to create complex simulations. It’s no wonder then, with all these creative possibilities open up by using Houdini and its simulation capabilities for creating single images from multiple objects in one go-and without having them appear out of nowhere!
A lead Crowd Technical Director shares his experience at MPC London where he discusses how this magic was done–One specific type being an effect involving sharing textures across various bodies or pieces during playtime as if they were part of the same image altogether instead just isolated islands on their own separate shores…

This is a great way to get dynamic, interactive results with your models. Orestis Konstantinidis was able to use the power of Cinema 4D’s shaders and MoGraph Effectors by applying them across cloners in his recent work while still using Xpresso for creating procedural content on-the-fly like attributes copies which make projections sticky so they always stay attached only onto faces you want it too!