How To Track A Mirror With Mocha And After Effects

Tracked with ease and efficiency, the Mocha planar tracking system is a joy to use. It has brought visual effects work from challenging hills down into people’s laps! How would you like your masterpiece in 3D?

Mocha is a motion tracking software. It can be difficult to track the position of an object with mirrors, but Mocha finds patterns and textures from frame-to-frame so it will still find what you’re looking for!

look at best practices when tracking a scene with different moving perspectives

The trick to track a mirror is not too make sure you don’t. Tracking the wall or parts of your plane where the mirror is will make more sense, and it’s best if only includes what was originally in front of them when they filmed their scene- exclude any other objects that may have moved into shot since then!
Once completed with these steps Stephen Sprinkles shows us some techniques for adding cool effects onto our tracked mirrors so they stand out even more during postproduction time.