How To Track Wide Angle Drone Footage In After Effects

With the popularity of camera enabled drones these days comes a new challenge. How to effectively work with footage that was captured on an ordinary GoPro but could be extremely wide-angle for example, depending on what kind of drone you have attached!
This article will provide some helpful hints about capturing shots like these in post production so they don’t look distorted when played back later (and not everyone has access or knows how deal with this).

Mikey Borup shows how to track wide angle footage so that you can add your effects, type or any other element and have it sit like a pro.

Ever tried tracking wide angle go pro drone footage in After Effects?

In this tutorial, we’ll be looking at how to create a simple but engaging video that includes some of After Effects’ newest features. We will also discuss the order in which things need happen and why it’s important for you pre-compose your layers when editing videos like these!

The go-pro is typically used to capture video footage that can be uploaded onto Youtube or Facebook. There are some drawbacks, like the fish eye effect which distorts what you’re seeing when recording underwater because of gravity flaws on these cameras! Mikey will show us how we should deal with this by removing lens distortion before rendering our final product in After Effects for maximumimpact 🙂