How To Translate Blender Animation On 2’s

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to take interpolated animation and put it on 2’s. You can even do some cool tricks with it!

Animation can be a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to seem like you’re working through one long animation project. 3D and computer generated graphics require that the keyframes (the individual frames) all live in between two other drawings with some space on either side for movement or actions occurring within those pictures; this makes them look more “traditional” than if they were just placed somewhere without any overlap whatsoever – which would make every episode only 1’30”. But sometimes an animator might want something more along-the lines what used happen during classic 2d animated shorts: where each frame has its own little story line going on here at same time as everyone else’s alongside however different from another yet still related scene nearby?

A walkthrough by Dikko shows you how to create animation on the 2s from typically interpolated animations in Blender. The technique uses keyframe baking for heavy lifting, but there’s also a few tips and friendly mechanics involved too!