How To Use Affinity Photo For Texture Channel Packing

Serif’s quick look at channel packing for PBR texture workflows with Affinity photo. Serif certainly has drawn a strong following, and they represent truly modern creative applications centered around blazing speed.

Many have found their way to move over or switch from Adobe products in favor of using the tools provided by this upstart company; many are still holding vigil hoping that someday soon we will see motion graphics re-imagined specifically for use on desktop devices like Apple macOS (or Microsoft Windows), instead of just mobile ones!

Discover how to use Affinity Photo for channel packing…

Affinity photo is a fantastic tool for any workflow because it has all of the features you need to do your job. For example, texture painters can use Affinitivities modern pipeline and toolsets like Serif teams published an article about using its software in order to pack channel data into efficient RGB files that follow PBR (Pipeline-Based RMA) standards.

One way to reduce the file size of a 3D model is through channel packing. ChannelPacking saves space by including greyscale images in each image channel, which can be used as an extraction mask for PBR shaders and other effects that require it.