How To Use Ball Action For 3d Particle Animations In After Effects

Creation Effects shows how you can get neat-looking 3D effects out of CC Ball Action in After Effects.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to create some 3D particles, look no further than this new tutorial from Creation Effects. All it takes is standard After Effects tools!

We’ve seen those fractal-based “particle” effects before – but have they used third party plugins or are made with just what’s available in the software? Check out their latest video walking through how exactly these things can be done using just basic AE functionality instead of external plug ins like most other companies do nowadays.

The tutorial uses CC Ball Action, an often overlooked tool in After Effects. This effect can be used to create 3D water or oceans; landscapes with hills and mountains that are grid-like for framing your image more precisely than wireframe would allow you too do so well if at all possible but also flowing silk ribbons which have their own set of unique properties when using this handy little tool!

“The ‘CC Particle World’ and ‘CC Particles II’ effects are limited in what they offer. This effect unlocks another less noticeable method for creating particles, allowing users to make three dimensional animations based on their brightness values.”

Noah shows the best way to create 3D particle animations in After Effects, providing a simple guide for beginners. It also includes an example of how you can make use optional “ Pixel Pusher” template that makes creating much easier!