How To Use Blender To Render Houdini Pyro Sims

Learn how to import and render raw VDB volumes in Blender 2.83 with this quick tutorial!

The latest version of Blender added the ability to import raw VDB files. Why is this relevant for non-Blender users? Well, you can use blender as a fast way render out Houdini simulations and other effects from applications such like Houdini that don’t support sampling formats outside their own native ones with Eevee!

Export Volume VDB from Houdini into Blender

Houdini is an industry leader when it comes to physical simulations. The other component of this software are its renderers, and while Houdini’s default Mantra offers fantastic quality for rapidly-Generating high end renders with speed that many would argue isn’t as fast or even close in comparison.”What do you think about giving Blender Another Try?” Bubble Pins wonders aloud – “It can render very High EMC Images using their new engine called ‘Eevee’!”