How To Use Hair To Render Edges In Cinema 4d

Whatever your needs may be, a wireframe outline is a versatile and easy way to get the job done. You can find many tools that allow you do this in Sketch or Toon after all!

If you’re still determined to stick with your current hair style, there is a quick workaround.

It is possible to use the speedy rendering of C4D’s hair, and create wireframe renders. 1 intermediate step will do it!

CyBear, Lars Scholten demonstrates how you can easily use Hair to render edges.

When drawing and animation is concerned, hair can be a really interesting asset. Animation of the length will create an effect like you’re writing on or painting with your head for example– pretty cool!

How to Render Edges Using Hair in Cinema 4D

You can use the Hair Material to draw hair edges for your model. Choose an object and under Mesh > Commands, choose Edge To Spline then create it with hair terms like “write-on” or drawing on effect by keying in length values based off what you want drawn onto them; be sure they match correctly before animating!