How To Use Mocha To Complement Ae Content-aware Fill

Mocha can enhance your removal workflows when using After Effects new content-aware fill.

Adobe’s creative team has been hard at work making tools for those who use After Effects as a tool. They’ve added new features such as content-aware fills, which will save you time when removing objects from your footage and make things faster in general! Watch Martin Brennand of Mocha show us how these updates can improve our workflow with this type of software even more so than before – don’t miss it!”

“In this tutorial, we discuss how to use Content-Aware Fill in Adobe After Effects and also show that it is possible for the feature to remove unwanted objects from video. The process can be enhanced by using Mocha AE (or optional plug-ins) which are both bundled with your software.”

Ae’s content-aware fill work for most things, but you might find it lacking when dealing with complicated shots. Luckily there is Mocha – this powerful tool lets you in on the action and makes those difficult pieces perfect!

“Mocha Pro can be used as plug-in within Adobe Premiere Pro or After Effects which offers advanced tools to remove objects that are problematic during editing.”