How To Use Python Scripting In Mocha Pro

Boris FX product manager, Martin Brennand helps get us started with Python scripting in Mocha Pro.

You can tell if an app has support for the Python scripting language. If it does, then there’s a good chance that Mocha Pro will be right up your alley as well – because this fantastic production tool also lets you script using custom tools or batch process layers! Plus all this goodness comes alongside industry standard features like integrating with asset management tools (so things get done more quickly).

You can use Python to automate boring tasks. For example, the Boris FX team has created a simple renaming script that makes it easy for you to rename your layers without any coding knowledge necessary!

We’ll write a script that takes selected layers and adds a new word to the start of each one.

Mocker is a flexible and powerful tool that enables you to use Python scripting in your Mocha Pro standalone application, not included with the plug-ins. To get started visit Toolfarm for purchase or upgrade copies of both programs!