How To Use Space Switching In Blender Animation

Pierrick Picaut shows how you can use space switching for a better animation workflow in Blender

Space switching is the key for making animations go more smoothly. It can be difficult and time-consuming to modify rigs, so why not just work with what you already have?

Typically in character animation there are controls that allow animators quick access between objects on screen as they switch around them or place new ones anywhere they need it – all without having any modifications made by them directly within their software package of choice (which would likely require an additional license).

Check out this short quick tip tutorial from Pierrick Picaut, who shows us how to use space switching within a BLender animation. With the new feature in place of “Space” you can make your animations much faster! The trick is simple; select all clips on one layer and press enter or go over them with shift key pressed down at same time like so: Space+Enter (before releasing). Now when moving through footage only those selected will switch positions while others remain static- just what we want for some effects work that need special consideration/treatment—like if there are objects being moved around constantly near other things which stay put then changing camera angles would be difficult without doing it manually after render.

Richard Lico is an industry respected and award-winning animator whose work you can see in Polyarc Games’ VR adventure, “Moss.”
Alessandrougi has been working as a freelance illustrator since he left school to pursue his dream of becoming an artist for video games such as Sony Online Entertainment’s “EverQuest” franchise or Big Ant Studios’ titles like Australian Truck Racer 2Xtreme – The Game (2011). His most famous achievements include creating art that made it into Moss: An PSVR Adventure from director Jami overwrite who also enlisted him again later on down the line after scoring more success at Harmonix with its acclaimed soundtrack studio — now known simply.