How to Use the CLOTH MODIFIER in Blender! Beginner Cloth Tutorial

By The CG Essentials

Learn to create realistic cloth simulations in your 3D models with these simple techniques! Life-like, dynamic and beautiful are just a few words that come to mind when you watch this video.


Steps to Realistic Cloth
– Subdivide object with loop cuts to allow object to simulate cloth movement
– Apply a cloth modifier to your cloth
– Apply a physics collision trait to your plane and your “to be draped” object
– In the physics settings of your cloth, select a preset material, like “cotton” or “rubber” or “silk”
– You can “bake” your simulation to precalculate and cache your object movement. This way you can speed up future iterations of the cloth
– Use a subdivide modifier to smooth out your draped cloth
– Use a thicken modifier to add thickness to your cloth!