How To Use The Sketch Tool For Hard Surface Work In 3D Coat

Anton Tenitsky shows how to use the sketch tool for hard surface design in 3D Coat.

Sculpting applications are a great way to work for hard surface design. Both Zbrush and 3D coat offer tools specifically designed with the needs of architects in mind, but there’s also an increasingly popular new technique that can be used on both: Voxels! In3d Coat vox-hide lets you create images from individual pieces without having any three dimensional models or drawings as reference points – making it simple enough even if your skills aren’t top notch yet because all shapes get assigned their own layer which makes modifications easier than ever before (and who knows? Maybe some day soon they’ll make this software free!).

You can use the sketch tool in 3D Coat to design a lot of familiar elements that go with hard surface design. In this tutorial from Anton Tenitsky, he shows how you do it!

Anton is a mentor at the CG Spectrum College of Digital Art and Animation. He helps students in their creative endeavors by guiding them to new heights, one tutorial video clip or 3D computer model after another!