How To Use Vellum To Animate Character Fat

Tim van Helsdingen shows how you can use Houdini Vellum to achieve a number of cool effects including animation and skin interactions.

Creating 3D characters is an art in itself, and one that involves many technical achievements like realistic lighting and rendering. When it comes to animation authenticity includes micro-movements as well as the auto movement of muscles or fat; there are several ways for rigging TD’s ( Designers) who work on making these things move correctly – either through deformation mesh technology1985), simulation algorithms19]
A route often taken towards better understanding how this should be achieved.

A friend asked about doing something like this in Houdini, Tim says. I had a quick go at it for fun personal r&d and then decided that making tutorials was also going to make good sense because the end result is really cool! You can get access to my extended tutorial which includes project files as well if you become one of my Patreon supporters- check out the link below!