How To Use Volume Builder And Fields For Texture Effects

Markus Gonser shows how to leverage C4D’s Volume Builder and Fields to create texture effects.

3DBonfire (Markus Gonser) shows how you can create destruction and disintegration effects with the volume builder toolset in Cinema 4D. He also uses Mograph fields for some neat little setup work that’s far-out AF!

The tutorial covers using the combination Volume Builder and Mograph Fields technique from last explanation to cut scene’s objects into much smaller sections. Gosner shows how put different materials on these object parts for texture, or apply more detailed work with Materials that vary depending upon what you are trying achieve in your animation. “Your original piece of artwork will look 320% better now!” says David Gossner as he demonstrates his techniques.

More With Fields and Destruction.

We’ve seen fields used for destruction effects before. Most notably, QuickVFX had a tutorial that uses Fields to create an animation and crumble objects in the scene with it!