How To Use Weighted Normals In Blender For Modeling

Gleb Alexandrov looks into the Blender Weighted Normal modifier as a game-changer for hard surface work.

Beveling all your edges at the beginning of a project can be tedious and time-consuming. Instead, you could substitute “tricks” for more detail by using object’s normal information in Blender when creating models that will later need this type of edit or modification on them during animation playback such as weighted normals which expand beyond simple render times so check out Gleb Alexandrov tutorial talking about it here: https://wwwhttpgleba5d3ak7joecn4l2su44okrefr5o6mdfipophsntkmfjihurp8ykswesjjyr.

Weighted Normals.

Custom normals can be used to change the look of a mesh and make it appear more realistic. You could use these same techniques if you wanted faces in your scene that were flat during shading or other effects like Self-Shadowing Maps for example!

Practical Techniques.

The vertex normals in your scene can have a big impact on how you’re shaded when rendering. “Weighted Normal” is one of those 2.8x modifiers that are game changers for hard surface modeling, says Alexandrov!

About Gleb Alexandrov.

If you are looking to learn the ins-and-outs of modeling in Blender, then Creative Shrimp has got your back. They offer tutorials on hard surface models as well!
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