How To Use Z-channel Effects With Fusion

VFX Study shows how to create DOF, Fog, and other Z-Channel effects with Fusion and Resolve.

Z-depth and Z-Channel stuff is something that will be a reoccurring technique in CG, especially with compositing. If you want to add some depth to your motion graphics or 3D work including visual effects then this can help! Each editor handles them differently so keep an eye out for how they handle z channels on whichever software you use when working with these types of techniques.

Watch VFX Studious’s (Bernd Klimm) show how to work with Z-depth enabled effects in Fusion and Resolve. He says, “Using Z-Depth in 2D gives you great control over many very efficient 2D effects that would otherwise only be available on expensive 3D work.”

Klimm has a complete starter course for Fusion 9 that covers all the basics and some more advanced stuff too. Visit their site at Black Magic Fusion 9 – Your Journey from Novice to Expert where you can get started with your trial or purchase it for $20!