How To Use Zbrush’s Normal Pass To Change Lighting In Photoshop

Danny Mac Shows How You Can Change Lighting On Zbrush Renders Using the Object Space Normal Pass

Ever wanted to know how a pro gets their images rendered from Zbrush and into Photoshop? Well, now you can learn the secrets with this article. It mainly involves using one plugin that is native to both applications:the ZBrush-to-Photoshop CC render passes generator! You will have many different options for rendering your scene or just generating what’s needed in order make things pretty looking – maybe even including an Object Space Normal Pass which produces much better results than regular normals would (though it requires more processing power).

The Normal Pass in Photoshop is a useful way to change the direction of light sources on your render. In this video, you’ll learn how it works and what kinds of effects that can give!