How To UV Map Irregular Cylinders In Cinema 4d

Athanasios Pozantzis Shows How You Can UV Map Tapered Cylinders Easily in Cinema 4D.

Applying a UV map to objects that are cylindrical is pretty straightforward, sometimes seemingly so. If you have tapered cylinders or bucket-shaped items the higher your disparity will need to be for it’s design.

The perfect size of an object should emulate how much volume there actually is inside its outer shell by considering things like width and depth as well other factors such material thicknesses etcetera.

Between the top and bottom surfaces of a cylinder, more distortion will creep into UV map. That can be less than ideal if you are trying to add an object label for example.

The above passage discusses how compression artifacts appear when designing 3D models with surfaces like cylinders which have curved outer boundaries (top or bottom).

how to unwrap the UVs of a bucket shaped container

This week on Technique Tuesday, we are going to talk about how you can minimize the distortion on an irregular cylinder like a tapered one. Cinema 4D certified instructor Athanasios Pozantzis (NoseMan) shows us some techniques for unwrapping UVs so that they will apply correctly and easily with just one label shape!

An Alternate Method

Inspired by Pozantzis’ solution, Ilir Beqiri shares an alternative method for projecting UV’s and unwrapping a tapered cylinder shape.

This quick tip is an alternative method of UV projection and unwrapping to Athanasios Pozantzis’s (@nosemangr) tutorial “Labels for bucket shaped containers. I have used his method a lot in the past until recently when my dog chewed up one half of my Cineon 300D Prime projector! The principle behind both techniques are pretty much same, but this guy has found another way that works just as well if not better than what we’re all accustomed too (although there might be rare occasions where using old school methods would come back handy). So here goes nothing…