How To Work With 3d Type In Shapr3d

Dimitris Katsafouros shows a tip for creating 3D type within Shapr3D.

The software, Shapr3D offers 3D artists a unique modeling experience using the pencil and touch input. Since it uses Siemens’s Parasolid engine which is found in SOLIDWORKS to be CAD-based design still makes it easy for anyone else who wants an extra hands on project whether its just drawing sketches or designing parts that never got made into anything real before but now there might be hope with this latest tech!

Designers and artists have long lamented the lack of 3D typefaces. Now, thanks to this new tutorial by Dimitris Katsafouros (an Athens based designer), they can easily create their own customized ones with just a few clicks in Shapr3d!

“While you can get by with Adobe Illustrator for the desktop, this tip does all of your design needs.”