Ies Lights Demystified How To Use Them In Maya

In this video, Ran Ben Avraham breaks down what IES lights are in the 3D world and then extends that look into how to use them.
IES stands for Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IES)and has been around since 100 years ago! It provides standards which professional lighting engineers must follow when creating their Luminaire Components so they can be electronically transferred using a file format most rendering engines will read/use .

In this tutorial we will discuss how to incorporate IES files into your scene lights, and how to tweak them, where to find IES files online for free, and how to quickly view them without the hassle of rendering them over and over again in Maya

Ran Ben Avraham also discusses where you can find IES light profiles that are perfect for your own work, and how to incorporate them in Maya. Check out his tutorial about What Are IES Lights & How To Use Them In May here!

A little while ago, I posted here a brief tutorial that Jamie Cardoso created walking through creating your own customized lighting profile using the handy little tool called IES Generator. This will allow you to open any of these profiles and modify them into something more suitable for what ever project or client that needs it!