Import Fbx To After Effects

Applying for a job with the 3D animation company has never been easier! In this article, Valerio Carnevale and Davide Franceschini post about their new plugin that allows users to use FBX files between After Effects AE applications.

Even though After Effects can open Maya files natively, it doesn’t account for other application file types like 3ds Max.

FBX to AE can be used to import one or more animated 3D cameras and reference solids from the FBX format file into After Effects. The plugin supports up-to two camera rigs at a time, as well as planes that are made up of 4 vertices in your scene – all you have do is export it out beforehand!

The plugin will create a new composition in After Effects that has the animated camera and converted solids. Right now it’s only tested on Windows systems, but we plan to add other platforms such as OS X too!

What would be more exciting is if the plugin were able to bring in 3D models directly from FBX, side by side with cameras and animations. Models are incredibly useful for any modern design because they allow designers who don’t have much experience using After Effects or Maya create professional looking material without having full software suites. The output should sound less corporate than what was input.

FX to AE is a great plugin that allows you to transcode your After Effects animations in real time. This means not having an export delay, which can create choppy footage when trying it on other platforms like YouTube or Vimeo! For more information about FBX2Ae check out our website at _