Importing A Yeti Groom Onto An Animated Maya Model

In this video, you’ll see how to use Yeti fur systems with grooming onto a character that may have been moved out of the original bind pose. For example: an already animated monkey or human being who needs his/her hands free in order for them perform some task at hand such as eating food from its tray on top while standing up tall!

This is how to import a groom onto a moved or animated model using the Yeti plugin from peregrine labs

Yeti is a new, powerful tool from Peregrine Labs that can produce fur and feathers to generate all kinds of items. The procedural node graph in Autodesk’s Maya allows for quick production time because it doesn’t require many calculations like other methods do- which means you spend less time working on your designs instead!

Here, Bjørn shows you how easy it is to use the texture reference object in your scene. He even provides some helpful tips for importing groomers from one project into another!

Using Maya’s powerful 3D capabilities has never been simpler than with this video tutorial on Importing & Exporting Groomers – watch now or continue reading below…