INSANE Holographic City Map Tutorial from Scratch – Cinema 4D & After Effects

By VideoFort

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About the Tutorial: Learn how to create a futuristic holographic city map in Cinema 4D & After Effects. Requires Cinema 4D R17


00:00 – Introduction

00:48 – Creating the buildings & holographic texture effect

09:21 – Reflective floor & dot grid effect

12:48 – Markers on the map

15:47- Waypoint animation

24:11 – Generate random numbers using Xpresso

31:55 – Camera Animation

34:06 – Refining the ‘holographic’ textures & orient random numbers to camera

39:34 – Advanced rendering and output using Cinema 4Ds Amazing Take system! Outputting each element to a different folder using Token in Cinema 4D.

01:01:07 – Compositing in After Effects

01:18:41 – How to convert Google Sketchup models for Cinema 4D

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