Instant Grass In Cinema 4D

Aleksey Voznesenski Covers a Handy Grass Preset in C4D That You Might Have Missed.

Cinema 4D has a vast content browser with pre-made materials for those who are less inclined to create their own. It’s easy enough, but one missed detail might be the instant grass that can be installed as an extra plugin – found out by Ace5 Studios Aleksey Voznesenski recently!

With a few tweaks, you can get some great looking grasses in your scene really fast. Just use the growGrass preset and it will take no time at all! This one has been around since C4D R15 when they introduced their own version of Hair & Fur for rendering fields or patches architectural renderings that are perfect as well because those tools were originally designed to create realistic fauna on top of landscapes using new graphics techniques such as transparent objects lit from behind making them appear three dimensional instead just flat colors on two planes like we’re used seeing before now.