Instantly Keep Your After Effects Layers Trimmed

Nowadays, with the move towards more and better effects in After Effects as well as improvements such as Smart Keyframes it’s easy to make a mess of your project file. But don’t worry! Ae will do its best to keep things organized for you with tidying up features like Naming conventions that will ensure everything has an assigned place so there is no confusion or misplacement later on down the line saving time when editing projects. It’s just good housekeeping really- especially if we’re talking about keeping those pesky unruly layers under control.

Easily clean up your comps by trimming layers to Keyframes, to Track Mattes, or to Parents.

So you’re probably thinking it’s a good idea, and an easy habit to keep your After Effects layers trimmed. Not if there is no solution like Obsessive Layers! This script can take care of trimming for all those tedious hours spent on doing it yourself – with just one click (or tap)! For comps cleaning up by cutting out keyframes or track mattes; as well as parent-related trims such has moving clips between frames in the bin).

Imagine trimming your layers based on keyframes, so you can easily and quickly cut any unwanted sections. You could first remove all the cuts made in a particular location by using just one button click!

The script also keeps track of which layer has more matte or lower-third graphics – regardless if they’re attached to another video clip for added versatility when cutting multiple videos together at once without having overlapping footage from different sources such as commercials spliced together near final copy but not quite ready yet because we need them both finished before then anyway right? It automatically matches parent clips’ length adjustments with those applied by its children too; this means less time wasted manually adjusting every single frame (literally).