Interact With Map Animations In After Effects

If you sit and do work in After Effects for any amount of time, your brain will eventually need to create some sort of map animations.

The possibilities are endless with After Effects for this type of work. It would be great to bring in live map data directly from internet sources and have that available while working on projects!

The whole world on one After Effects layer

GEOlayers for After Effects can do that! With the ability to use TileServer data right in Ae, you’ll be able to create and animate maps with amazing flexibility.

Easy Map Animations in After Effects

GEOlayers is an amazing tool that allows you to interact with map images in After Effects. All it takes is typing in the location of what we’re looking for, and GEO layers will bring them all on one layer so they can be zoomed into or panning around without any lag time!

Add Markers and Extra Layers

The “layers” tab of the GEOlayers tool will allow you to add marker locations that are automatically attached and follow your map animation, as well. There is even more variety when it comes to setting routes, waypoints or text for each layer! It’s also possible with this method create layered markers on a 2D map look like 3D ones by choosing between different styles – think about what kind of environment they’re in front-back left right updown.

Add GeoJSON Vector Resources

With the GEOlayers plugin, you can put GeoJSON assets on your map animations and have them stay in place. These are maps of geographical features such as streets or boundaries that come from open standards for encoding these types of data points with geographic coordinates (longitude/latitude) so they’re more easily accessible than if placed manually by hand – which would be very tedious!

The GEOlayers team has been posting some examples of the tool and its results on social media. Some users have used it to create a wide variety in styles, animations or looks for their map videos!

Using GEOlayer with other third party plugins, such as TrapCode MIR might be able to create a three dimensional terrain. The tool can tile-served images and serve them up in different textures for yourrammed GPU rendering needs!

Hopefully more information on GEOlayers’ release and pricing will be announced in the near future.