Introducing Rain – Free Blender rig

By Blender Studio

In this walkthrough by character TD Demeter Dzadik you’ll learn how to get started with the new “Rain” rig for Blender created by Blender Studio. In her tutorial, she covers everything from where it is located in a users’ interface and what options they have available when creating their own complicated scenes or objects using these tools that can do much more than just create pretty weather!


Some of the features of the rig include:
IK/FK toggle and snapping for the limbs
Stretchy IK toggle for the limbs and spine
Bendy Bone powered body tweak controls
FK Hinge toggles and snapping
IK Parent switching and snapping
Layered face controls
Eye target parent switching and snapping
Designed with newcomers and pros both in mind
Simple and clean rig UI
No add-ons required! All required scripts are included with the .blend and will auto-run

The Rain Rig is available free of charge. It’s licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY) license, so you can use it as long as your credits are included and the URL points back to this site: https://cloud.blender foundation/rainrig/.

Music by Crystal Drop – Fall by Crystal Drop!