Introduction in 1 minute | Blender 2.8 + 2.9 Minecraft Animation Tutorial #1

By TheDuckCow

This 1-minute video is an introduction to the newest way of making Minecraft animations. All you need are Blender 2, and these five easy steps! This course will teach both newbies as well as veterans how it’s done in just one minute – so no more waiting around for your computer while trying not fall asleep or do anything else that might interrupt what should be fun time spent with friends on Jouney’s End Worldmap !

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We will cover all of the latest techniques in 3D animation and rendering with this comprehensive workshop. From learning how Blender works, to importing worlds from Mineways or jmc2obj; we’ll even get into some tips for optimizing your animations!
The time has never been better than now if you’re interested in being a professional animator at any level – so don’t miss out on what could be an incredible career path by sitting Puzzling 101: Animation & Rendering Tips.

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