Introduction To Lighting In Redshift Cinema 4D

Merk Vilson is a virtual lighting expert, and he’s here to help you get started with the C4D GPU renderer. The best way for new users? Just follow these four easy steps!

Redshift C4D is an awesome 3D app that lets you paint with lights in a whole new way. It’s perfect for professionals who are just getting started, but even pros will love the 15-minute walkthrough by Merk Vilson and James Mauger!

Redshift C4D offers a range of lights that you can use with your scenes. You will be able to find all the familiar light-types under their Residential Lights menu, including Infinite Light, Point Light and Spotlights among others.

In the following video, Merk Vilson walks you through an introduction to lighting in Cinema 4D’s Redshift plugin.

Redshift is a fast and powerful GPU renderer that has been quickly making waves in the industry. Not only does it meet demands of production rendering where other programs fail, but also offers features such as unbiased renderings for more creative freedom with your final product!