Ira Krakow’s Blender 3D 2.63 Bezier Curve Tutorial

By Ira Krakow

Blender 2.63 has been released and it’s filled with many exciting features! I’ll be exploring these in future tutorials, so stay tuned for more info on Blender updates from yours truly – The Mad Maya Guru of Animation (or at least that what my students call me). One feature worth noting is Cycles which was just improved upon greatly: “Refer back to the previous tutorial linked here,” says MMGtoAO,”for basics information about this engine.”
I want everyone who watches this video or reads our blog posts know we’re always updating content because new things happen all day long while you’re busy doing your own thing… like .

My next video will be on how to manipulate a Bezier curve. In this tutorial, I’ll cover some of the basics such as control points and handles before getting into more advanced topics like smoothing out curves with negative values or creating arbitrary shapes by mathematical formulas in between two vertices
The shooting for my new movie begins May 1st! It’s been great working with all these awesome people behind Blender 2.63 development team–I couldn’t have done it without you guys!–and now we’re offically moving onto versioning within Kujs(), which just released last week but isnt.