Is Blender Good For Architecture

By InspirationTuts

One of the most known fields for its use of 3d software is architecture, architects and designers have a lot of options to choose from but there is one software that a lot of people don’t consider as an option for their work which is Blender.

Blender is a free and open-source 3D software that can do professional work in many industries, but it’s not always the best for architecture. To answer this question we’re going to dive deeper into what makes Blenders so great or bad depending on your needs as an architect – which part of town are you living?
I) Importing Data II) Creating Objects III)) Animated Movies

Make sure there’s enough detail when importing data from other applications such as Google SketchUp because this will affect how smoothly objects move across screens during animations . Try using lower subdivision surfaces if possible; they look better than higher ones.

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