IShatter Tool For Maya

IShatter Tool for Maya is a plugin that helps artists create complex shatter effects. It makes it easy to create realistic shatters with any 3d object.

The IShatter tool in Maya simplifies the process of creating and animating shattered glass or other materials. Artists can easily set up their own settings, like fractures per second, shape of the particles, speed etc., and then animate those parameters on an empty layer in order to get desired results.
This post will show you how to install this cool plugin and use its features effectively!


  • Ease of use: don’t waste more time tweaking your Voronoi settings… here you will be able to break your geometry simply by dragging your mouse.
  • Fully procedural tool
  • Two fragmentation methods, regular and radial. (they can work together in case)
  • Ability to hide other scene objects and highlight Voronoi border edges for better previs (if you use Maya 2016 it will also hide other edges)