Ivy Growth Animator For Blender Creates A Growing Effect In Blender Easily

Tamir Lousky has created an Addon for Blender that will allow you to animate the growth of Ivy or any branching object. The animated ivies are generated using Sapling and Ivey Generator addons, so they look realistic without having had any work done in post-production!

The lush green of the fir trees and ivies that grow on your walls is a welcoming sight. The perfect way to liven up any space in need of some life!

The Ivy Growth Animator is a tool in Blender that allows you to create an animation from one curve, and can even animate other objects with it. Tamir notes however; only works on “branches” made out of single-curve branches like leaves or vines Summary: The ivey growth animator helps users make animations using curves for any branch type.

There is a unique way to make the leaves move on an animated GIF: The Ivy Growth Addon for blender and you can download it here.