J Cube Unveils Multiverse Usd With Free And Pro Versions

Multiverse USD 6 is a production-ready USD solution for Maya now with massively multi-threaded architecture.

Multiverse USD 6, the new version from J Cube offers a modern and fast production-ready solution for Autodesk Maya. Users can experience up to 100x faster performance in authoring time as well as reading/drawing operations with this upgrade which was made possible thanks entirely on its massively multi threaded architecture built end-to beastly rebuilt out of nothing but love at first byte!

Multiverse | USD v6

The new iZUVd 3D renderer is powered by an end-to-end multi threaded architecture and features a strong emphasis on delivering easy to artists and real world users. It has been designed with tight deadlines in mind, while still meeting budget constraints for companies across various industries who need their products or services visualized quickly without sacrificing quality. With its intuitive UI/UX design it can be deployed successfully no matter how many people will use this software during production time frames; small business owners looking only at one project per month aren’t alone if they find themselves dealing exclusively within SketchUp modeling programs!
The updated Python API makes importing models from USD exports quick & simple which abstracts away much complexity commonly found outside of these APIs.

Multiverse is being used in high profile content such as Hollywood feature film productions, Original TV Series by Netflix or Amazon. It’s also frequently employed for elaborate commercials to advertise products like Apple smartphones!

Highlights of v6

  • Completely new, end-to-end, massively multi-threaded architecture which delivers up to 100x* faster performance in authoring, reading, drawing, manipulating, playback and rendering time-to-first-pixel.
  • Fully compliant with USD v19.11+ (with v20.02+ available upon customer demand).
  • Non-destructive authoring workflow for layout, lookdev, layering and composition.
  • Unified rendering worlflow: easily work with multiple rendering engines while keeping exactly the same artist workflow.
  • Ability to easily author USD hierarchies for assets and compositions, straight from the Maya outliner.
  • Write USD assets, compositions and overrides with support for USD variants and proxies.
  • Read USD and Alembic files, whether static or animated, as a single file or as a sequence via USD clips, with ability to easily generate clips.
  • Complete read/write support of USD point instancing. Maya duplicate as instance, instancer, particle instancer and MASH. Houdini packed/point instancing and duplicates.
  • Ability to explore and override USD assets with a pleasing, logical and extremely fast UI.
  • Selectively override transforms with full animation support, including parents and hierarchical inheritance.
  • Selectively override materials, generic & render attributes, visibility and variant selection with complete hierarchical inheritance.
  • Realtime high-FPS playback and manipulation streamed to the viewport with OpenGL (Win/Linux) and Metal (macOS), using multiple visualization modes.
  • Interactive path tracing streamed to the viewport with 3DelightNSI, soon to be added for other capable renderers.
  • Procedural rendering streamed to Arnold and 3DelightNSI (including 3DelightNSI Cloud), with other renderers coming soon.
  • Velocity, acceleration, linear, curved and deformation 3D motion blur.
  • Inter-op between Autodesk® Maya® and other USD-ready DCC applications, in particular with SideFX® Houdini / Solaris.
  • Generate 3D USDZ assets for Augmented Reality (AR) in iOS and macOS with full lookdev and animation support.
  • Pipeline automation with the new, easy to use, Multiverse Python API.

Check out J Cube to learn more and download a free version.