Jewellery Stone setting with ZBrush

By mojomojo design

Jewellery Stone setting with ZBrush
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Somewhat of a hot topic is stone setting for rings in ZBrsuh with my new jewellery Design Course with ZBrush I cover all this and more, you will learn how to accurately measure and sculpt as well as use a variety of method for setting your stones inside of ZBrush.

This Online Jewellery Course with ZBrush covers everything you need to know to create any piece of Jewellery inside ZBrush, with over 250 video lectures i go step by step and open your eyes to the amazing possibilities only ZBrush can offer giving you a pletherer of skills to use in creating your pieces.

For a full roundup of everything this jewellery Design course offers please visit the syllabus page, if your serious about Jewellery

Design this is the course you need, its the biggest and most comprehensive on the internet and has been specially set up for professional Jewellers.