Keentools Brings Blendshape Nodes To Nuke

Blendshape Nodes for Nuke lets users create and animate shapes without leaving Nuke.

KeenTools, creators of GeoTracker and FaceTracer have introduced a new set of Blendshape Nodes for working in Nuke. The suite includes three nodes that allow you to create or animate your blendsshapes without ever leaving the program!

Using Nuke, you can now create geometry out of objects that have similar topology and animate it right in the program. With new tools for joining animated geogeohical figures together with different ratios; creating an endless variety is easy as pie!

The nodes include Join Blendshapes, MixBlendShapes and FACS. The latter lets you convert FaceTracker into animated blend shapes for a more interesting character animation! One could adjust the keyframes in mixblendshape node to create their desired effect easily with this tool.

The nodes are freely accessible while in beta – Learn more here.