Keentools Facebuilder Gets Easier To Use In Blender

An Update to FaceBuidler in Blender adds an auto-setup to help get started.

In the latest release of KeenTools, both Nuke and Blender users can now benefit from a number of improvements. The new FaceBuilder feature in particular will help you get started quickly by automatically setting up your preferences for different software programs so that getting work done becomes much easier!

FaceBuilder in Blender.

The latest release in Blender offers a user interface rebuild based on feedback from the community. All you need to do is load your photos and start modeling! The add-on will set up the focal length, sensor size for each picture that contains EXIF data with exact results when possible.

Get FaceBuilder.

Download the new FaceBuilder for Blender and get 15 days of fully functional trial with all plugins. The updated Nuke package is available here, so if you purchase a license it’s both in-app purchases on your computer as well as through the blender itself!