Key Frame Animation of Low Poly Character in Blender 2.9x

By Imphenzia

In this video, we will cover how to key frame animate a low poly character. This is the last in my series of three that covers model making and rigging for animating beginners with Blender 2.9x and it’s time again! We start by modeling our new friend (don’t worry if he looks like an abstract sculpture at first). Then once his shape has been established, create armature/rigging so you can have control over every joint on him while exporting them all together as .fb2 file which makes creating animation easier later down below…or even just importing directly into After Effects where they look amazing either way – depending how much work goes into doing live edits against other graphics apps.

Video 1 – Easy Low Poly Character Modeling in Blender 2.9x:
Video 2 – Rig a Low Poly Character in Blender 2.9x:

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Palette texture used in this tutorial:

In-depth learn how Low Poly Modeling in Blender:


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If you want to use the palette style UV coloring method, I go through that in both of these linked videos.

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I’ve been modeling in Blender since about 2015 but more recently, the past couple of years. I’m also working on a multiplayer RTS game that will be announced later this year!

I use a Canon Lumix GH5 camera to shoot my videos with the Olympus 17mm F1.2 lens as well as an affordable alternative in Laowa’s 14-42 mm range that offers great quality for not too much money! Sometimes I also utilize some other accessories like GoPros, microphones and soundcards so watch this space because more will be coming soon on what else I use when making videos all over Instagram @lifestyleofashley.

I hope you enjoyed my videos and will continue to share them!