Keying Methods For Easily Removing Backgrounds From Stock Effects

ActionVFX’s Rodolphe Pierre-Louis Covers Foundational Methods for Keying Out White and Black in Stock VFX Clips

Rodolphe Pierre-Louis, the CEO of ActionVFX shares his expertise with users on how to key out even black or white backgrounds from any stock footage clip. He discusses all four different methods that are recommended for professional results and why they should be used instead in comparison with others who only cover Blending Modes alone!

If you’re looking to knock out the background without adding an additive light effect, then Demult and Unmult are two free tools that can help. Both of these effects work best on footage shot in black-and they both have simple editing interfaces designed with beginners in mind!

ActionVFX are giving away free VFX elements that users can use in their projects. The downloadable package includes the 3 high-quality HD clips at 60fps, as well one background plate animated with motion trails for a seamless look!