Kiko Is A New Tool For Pipelining Animation Curves

Essential Toolkit to Diving into Animation Curves Management.

Kiko is a tool that can take animation curve data for Maya and Nuke in the form of Python scripts. It manages these curves per item, or channel with many different operators available to help you work more quickly throughout your entire process! If this sounds interesting please contact Toolchefs at kikitools@tool-chefshq dot com.

The developers behind KIKI hope someone will volunteer their time working on other DCCs like Modo as well creating new operator functionality so they may share it amongst others who need an edge when dealing creatively using motion graphics software such as Houdini/ Unreal Engine 4 interchangeably among various pipelines.

You may remember the Tool Chefs as creators of Atoms Crowd, a crowd simulation and rendering engine for visual effects. Now you can easily integrate it in any 3D application!
The crowd framework is available on its own or with Maya/Side FX Houdini integration – so whichever route suits your needs best will be easy peasy lemon squeezy here thanks to us.

With a data-driven approach, Tool Chefs is changing the animation curve management landscape. With these open source initiatives in place for Maya 2016 and Nuke 11 respectively you can create custom toolsets to edit your favorite application without having coding knowledge of any kind!